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Introduction About War Essay

The history of the world comprises a number of wars and the students are required to write essays on war such as essay on civil war, essay on Iraq war, essay on world war, essay on cold war, essay on Vietnam war, essay on world war I, essay on world war II, essay on Korean war, war on terror essay and essay on Spanish American war, etc.

For writing essays on war, the students should be well read about the war for which they are writing an essay on war. The essays on war should be informative in terms of the war topic that the student is assigned to write on. In an essay on war, you should give certain aspects of wars such as what are the causes of the war, what are the after effects of the war, the destruction that the war has caused and the involvement of parties who are at the back of war. All the aspects of the war should be depicted in an essay on war, which will make it a strong essay.

The format of an essay on war should be like that, that the writer must give the background of the war and should gradually move towards its impacts, the affected people and at the end; the havocs of war should be described. All types of essays on war such as essay on civil war, essay on Iraq war, essay on world war and essay on cold war and others should be written by following the same pattern that is described earlier.

The essays on war should contain a full-fledged introduction in which you should introduce the war on which you are writing an essay on war. For writing a persuasive essay on war, all the aspects described above should be considered while writing an essay on war because by considering those aspects you will do a deep research in terms of that war.

While writing a war essay, you should be neutral which means that you should not depict any kind of prejudice in your essay on the war. An unbiased essay on war will make your essay more persuasive and readable. In your essay on war, you can also indicate the harmfulness of wars that are fought. The countries who fight with one another keep the lives of their citizens on stake and then the citizens face the after effects of war so, your essay on war can also work as peace proposal for the countries who have fought earlier on or who are planning to do a war. You can also get plagiarism free essay on war from our professional custom writing service.

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History is studded with wars so war essays are usually a part of almost every kind of studies, therefore, student has to be prepared to fight with the intricacies involved in world war essay writing. There are myriad war essay topics from cold war essay to World War I to II and the list goes on. The biggest connotation of writing war essay is that it should be based on factual evidences otherwise it will lose its beauty.

Students, thereby, has to be quite informative about the war so as to complete the essay, world war essay are also based on three major components like the other types that are: introduction, body and conclusion our of which we would be discussing here the first part that is the introduction.

To come up with a good piece of writing, one has to be craft a good introduction because it is the first thing that a reader reads after the topic of the war essay. Following is a guideline for writing a good introduction for World War II essay in less than an hour.

How to write an effective introduction

On Iraq war:

Thesis statement:

Your thesis statement should focus on the main idea of the Iraq war for example; if we take the theme of why George W Bush attacked on Iraq? The answer would be “the president of United States of America attacked on Iraq in the name of destroying the weapons of mass destruction which is still going on without any apparent reason” See, in two minutes we crafted the thesis statement, this is how you would be developing a thesis statement for Iraq war essay.

Opening statement:

You know your thesis statement, now you should be working on the opening sentence that should be answering the thesis statement in a bit detail but don’t just jump on the real answer. For example; George W Bush has still not justified the reason for attacking on Iraq……..you may start somewhat like this.

On World War I:

Thesis statement:

Again, you have to first develop the theme of the world war I essay, there could be many themes associated with world war I such as; implications of the world war I or causes or Europe etc. Let’s say if you take the example of Europe then the thesis statement would be something like this; “The biggest change that World War I bring in the world was the downfall of Europe”

Opening sentence:

Here, you can directly tell the cause of the World War I in your World War I essay so that the reader takes interest in reading the rest of the essay. For example; “The colonization and the imperialistic foreign policies of the European nation resulted in the world war I”

Therefore, this is how you can effectively sort out the problems related to the introduction for war essay, you must have noticed that every time we divided the introduction into two parts that are the thesis statement and the opening sentence, this is how you can do as well for writing a good introductory paragraph.

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