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Death Of A Salesman Suicide Essay Acamus

Essay about Dreams in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

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Do you ever have a dream? What is your dream? Having a dream is crucial for people to work hard to make the dream come true. In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman, the main character, had a dream— to be a well-liked salesman—and had strived for this dream throughout his whole life. But he committed suicide to end his life. He was not happy in the process of achieving his dream. Arthur Miller, the author, reveals a negative attitude towards Willy’s behavior and beliefs. Willy is a man with flaws that leads to his downfall. I share the same attitude with Miller. Yet, I pity the tragedy of Willy. Miller reveals a negative attitude towards Willy’s behavior by displaying Willy’s poor parenting skills. Being a father of Biff and Happy,…show more content…

Biff until this point had always looked up to Willy and thought of his father as almost invincible. This incident changes many of Biff’s views regarding Willy. This incident also makes Biff lose his motivation in football and his school, causing Biff’s failure when he grows up. Willy’s suicide also makes him a bad role model for his sons. Although Willy kills himself because Biff can collect insurance money, others will think that Willy kills himself out of depression. Failing to act as a role model for his sons, Willy also has a narrow sense of success. Willy’s view of success is different from others’ throughout the play. One of Willy’s views of success is about the football career of Biff. Willy so admires Biff playing football that he completely disregards that fact that Biff is in danger of failing in school. Bernard comes to ask Biff to study for the exam, and Willy responds by saying, “Let’s box, Bernard!”(32) Willy shows no worries about Biff failing in school because he expects Biff’s athletic talents to carry him through life. Willy also has a warped sense of success regarding his occupation. Dave Singleman was a man who, at eighty-four, could make his living by calling clients from his room. Willy met him in the Parker House and changed his mind about following his brother, Ben, to Alaska. Willy admires Singleman and decides to follow his career path. Since then, he worked hard every day to make his dream come true. Yet, he is not good

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