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Olympic Essay Ielts

Hi , I am preparing myself for IELTS which is in 2 weeks time . Below is my essay and hope you could give feed back and what band the essay would be in . Thanks a lot in advance :)

Question : Some people think that the Olympic Games will not play a role in 21st century . TO what extend do you agree or disagree? 200-250 words

Since ancient times , the Olympic Games has been considered as an sport event for entertainment purposes. It has always been a legend , being passed on until today. Now, the Olympic Games is held every four years in different honoured countries , which are being selected as its hosts. I am in consummate discord with the above statement , for the Olympic Games is still obviously a much anticipated event throughout the world , which symbolizes integrity , sportsmanship and hard word.

In fact , the Olympic Games had brought athletes from different countries together and compete pacifically . For instance ,Palestine and Iraq was able to put down their personal conflicts and participated in the games . Not only that , the Olympic games had also helped its host in areas such a economy and fame. Being the host of the Games means that many jobs can be created for the citizens in construction and hospitality field . Furthermore , the game will also be followed closely over the world , and so its hosts.

However , there might be certain athletes who would take the Olympic Games too seriously , and showing much patriotism during the game . This can cause annoyance , misunderstanding and possibly conflicts between the countries , as it blatantly betrays the theme of sportsmanship and the idea of coming together as one .

In nutshell , I believe that the Olympic Games definitely plays more roles in the society today compared to the past. It now has a much greater impact on the world , than being just a form of entertainment alone.

Sports have always been popular, and liked by most of the people across the globe. Olympic is a platform for many sportsmen and athletes to showcase their performance to the world. I totally disagree to the statement that Olympics don’t have any weightage in the current century. Many countries are eagerly waiting for their turn to host such highly honored game event. It not only helps in improving political relationship among the countries, but also in the increase of the economy in the hosting country.

Firstly, many countries participate in this popular event. They forget their rivalries, encourage each other and spread message of peace to the whole world. This help in reducing the political tension within the neighboring countries. Moreover, it is an occasion when other countries get a chance to know more and appreciate the tradition and culture of the hosting country. Hence, Olympic Games play a vital role in improving the relationship and continue to do so in future.

Secondly, by hosting the Olympic Games, the host country gets benefited financially in many ways. Many travelers from foreign countries fly to this country to watch the big event. Industries like, Airlines, Hotel Industry, and Tourism Industry get lot of business and get benefited by this event. Furthermore, such events create lot of job opportunities for the host country people that help in reducing the unemployment in the country. Subsequently, with so much inward of cash flow, countries economy gets a boost, and improves countries financial condition.

Finally,to conclude, Olympic Games are very important due to many reasons, it still carries a lot of importance in the world of games, and will continue to carry this status symbol in the future.

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