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Growing Up Too Fast Essay Writing

They really are growing up fast: Pressures of modern world are eroding childhood

  • Calls for initiatives to ensure that children’s outdoor play and connection to nature are encouraged
  • All forms of marketing directed at children up to at least age seven 'should be banned'

Updated: 17:11 GMT, 24 September 2011

Children are growing up too quickly because of modern life. Picture posed by models

Children are growing up too quickly because of a combination of early testing in school, advertising, bad childcare and a reliance on computer games and television, experts warned today.

A group of 200 teachers, academics, authors, charity leaders and other experts have written a letter calling for a drive to ‘interrupt the erosion of childhood’.

The group includes novelist Philip Pullman, Oxford University neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield, and Lord Layard, emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics.

They write: ‘Our children are subjected to increasing commercial pressures, they begin formal education earlier than the European norm, and they spend ever more time indoors with screen-based technology, rather than in outdoor activity.

‘The time has come to move from awareness to action.’

The letter outlines a four-point programme to restore proper values to childhood.

It says: ‘We call on all organisations and individuals concerned about the erosion of childhood to come together to achieve the following: public information campaigns about children’s developmental needs, what constitutes “quality childcare”, and the dangers of a consumerist screen-based life-style; the establishment of a genuinely play-based curriculum in nurseries and primary schools up to the age of six, free from the downward pressure of formal learning, tests and targets.’

It also called for initiatives to ensure that children’s outdoor play and connection to nature are encouraged and the banning of all forms of marketing directed at children up to at least age seven.

Support: Author Phillip Pullman is one of those calling for people to 'interrupt the erosion of childhood¿

The letter, to the Daily Telegraph, comes five years after many of the same experts wrote to the newspaper urging the Government to stop children being poisoned by the modern world.

Their comments led to an inquiry into the state of childhood by the Children’s Society, which was concerned about rising levels of depression among youngsters in the UK.

The group believe ‘the erosion of childhood in Britain has continued apace since 2006’.

They concluded: ‘It is everyone’s responsibility to challenge policy-making and cultural developments that entice children into growing up too quickly – and to protect their right to be healthy and joyful natural learners.’

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Children Growing Up Too Fast

1762 WordsJul 6th, 20118 Pages

In today’s society, parents are challenged with the ability of children to grow faster than ever before. Tweens are moving closer and closer to teens, and fulfill these adult-like roles. The media plays a major part in this dilemma, along with the need to fulfill major responsibilities, and the lack of family presence. The media is one of the biggest proprietors when discussing the state that our children are in, and why they’re unable to play children roles. It’s not hard for a child to get access to the television set and see the influential things that the media may disclose. Ideas that are shown on TV now, are very misleading and inappropriate, even on children’s channels. Nickelodeon shows are very mature sit-coms that…show more content…

Today’s society is filled with a lot of pressure among our young people. They’re a lot more bold, and liberal which causes a lot of influence and problems. For an example, it’s almost rare to go to middle school, and not be exposed to drugs, sex, and violence. Drugs are used to experiment, and in most cases, it becomes a bad habit as young as 15 years old. Kids are taught that it’s cool if you go against authority, and do the complete opposite. Tweens are more sexually active than before, that it’s almost abnormal to be a virgin at age 14. Most boys lose their virginity before 15 years old, and the percentage among young girls have increased over the years. It soon becomes “un-cool” to be a virgin, and they’re forced into peer pressure to have sex and lose their childhood. Young men usually lose it before young girls, so most of the time, it’s the young men who are pressuring the girls to conform. Most young boys don’t think of oral sex to be actual sex, they just write it off as “fooling around.” In that case, they feel it’s okay to do it, and girls are more prone to take part in it, because in their eyes, it’s not the real thing. I can remember as far back to 6th grade, my best friend was 11, and she was pregnant. Her family was actually proud that she was having a baby, while my family no longer allowed me to be friends with her. Families are a big factor when it comes to

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