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Human Trafficking Essay Ideas For To Kill

A great paper needs a great topic. The topic you choose will show your teacher how well you have understood the assignment. Unfortunately, leaving your assignment till the last moment can be disastrous to your grade. This is especially true if you have to come up with a critical essay on a tricky subject such as human trafficking.

If you are having a tough time coming up with appropriate critical essay topics about human trafficking, you have come to the right place. The following lines offer a list of 20 topics related to this subject. There is a handy list of references and source materials at the end which you can use as research material.

  1. The Cross-Border Challenges of Dealing with Human Trafficking
  2. Issues Faced by Law Enforcement During Human Trafficking Investigation
  3. Rehabilitating Victims of Human Trafficking: Ethical and Practical Considerations
  4. Human Traffickers and Their Methods of Operating
  5. Invisible to The Naked Eye: Hidden Forms of Human Trafficking
  6. Understanding the Major Indicators of Human Trafficking
  7. Human Trafficking as the Modern-Day Slavery
  8. Anti-Human Trafficking Campaigns in Cultural Media
  9. The Anonymity of the Internet: A Boon for Human Traffickers
  10. The Differences between Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking
  11. The Aftermath of War: Women Enslavement and Trafficking
  12. Human Trafficking: Influence of Cultural Factors
  13. The Exploitation of Humanity: How Human Trafficking Became a $150 Billion Global Industry
  14. A Perspective on Clients: Who Buys From Human Traffickers?
  15. Armed Conflict Zones are Breeding Grounds for The Illicit Trade of Human Trafficking
  16. Philanthropy Engineering: How Advanced Tech Can Help Victims of Human Trafficking
  17. How Anti-Money Laundering Efforts Combat Human Trafficking
  18. Comparing International Trafficking and Domestic Trafficking
  19. The Ideal Victim: Predictors of Human Trafficking
  20. Using Children for in Armed Conflicts

Since word count requirements vary across the board, we have tried to keep the topics a little generalized. Feel free to narrow them down according to your interests. Remember to limit the scope of your paper to a particular time period, geographical location, a pivotal case, the efforts of a specific humanitarian/aid agency, a specific piece of legislation, the efforts of a specific political figure, or even a documentary.

If you cannot find a suitable topic from these, check out our list of 10 facts on human trafficking for a critical essay.

Since we are here to help, here is a sample paper which you can use as an outline for your critical essay. A more detailed guide on how to write a critical essay on human trafficking is also available and you can learn to effectively write this type of assignment with our 10 facts on the subject.

Sample Critical Essay on Trafficking for Organ Trade and Body Parts: The Emergence of a Disturbing Dimension in Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the worst form of abuse that can be inflicted on an individual. The horror of the crime lies in the fact that is negates very humanity of the victims. This modern-day equivalent of slavery continues unabated; the complex nature of the crime makes detecting and controlling it difficult. The most common cases are ones in which human traffickers sexually exploit their victims or force them into hard labor. The less commonly known forms of human trafficking involves an extreme form of cruelty: where the victims are trafficked for organ trade.

According to the UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (GIFT), organ trafficking has three basic categories: (1) the victims are somehow deceived or coerced by force to give up the organ; (2) commercial transaction where the victim is not paid or paid less than the promised amount; (3) when the organs are removed without the victim’s knowledge.

A report by the European Parliament (EP) states that organ trafficking and trafficking of human beings for organ removal (TBHOR) has become widespread over the span of the past 16 years. Until recently, most of these cases have occurred in Eastern European countries and Russia. However, the implementation of tougher law enforcement rules has decreased the incidence rates in these countries.

Unfortunately, traffickers have simply switched tactics and moved onto other regions, such as Latin America and North Africa. These regions suffer from economic and political instability. Under such conditions, human traffickers find the ideal victim pool, i.e. people who are already a part of at-risk sections of society, such as migrant workers, those living below the poverty line, members of highly marginalized groups, homeless people, and illiterate people.

The entire process involves a host of people as well as high levels of coordination and organization: the medical professionals who are responsible for the procedure, the middlemen, the buyers, the organ banks where the organs are stored, and transporters who are responsible for the logistics.

The recommendations of legislating bodies and humanitarian agencies state that this issue can only be addressed through proper legislation covering all the aspects of the crime and proper implementation of these laws. National laws of each country should have an anti-trafficking policy. An increase in public awareness of organ donation will drive up donation rates, hopefully closing some of the gap between the number of organs needed for transplantation and available organs. EP also recommends that the donor recipient should be held criminally and morally liable. The technical recommendations include improvement of organ traceability systems.

Human trafficking is a reality that the public in general needs to realize and react to. More awareness, education, and stronger legal frameworks will allow vulnerable victims to escape the horrors of this experience.

This is just a sample that can inspire you to come up with a great critical essay that will win over your instructor. So, make sure that you start working on your paper right away.


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Still shaken after two murder-suicides in the southwest valley in July, police officers and residents gathered at the Windmill Library to discuss the ongoing issue of domestic violence and human trafficking during the Enterprise Area Command’s First Tuesday.

The two incidents shocked neighbors and left residents in disbelief. On the evening of July 10, police were called to perform a welfare check on a home in the 10300 block of Numaga Road, near South Rainbow Boulevard and West Cactus Avenue. They found the bodies of John Henry Lunetta, 40, and Karen Michelle Jackson, 35, and their almost-1-year-old, John Jr.

On July 26, police responded to another murder-suicide a few miles away in the 8700 block of Norton Peak Avenue. Tyler Knaubq forced his way into the home, stabbing his estranged girlfriend and 4-year-old child before killing himself, police said. The mother, 35-year-old Cierra Cabrera, survived, but the child died at the Southern Hills Hospital that night.

In 2015, police responded to a domestic violence call at the same home, where Knaub was arrested on battery and domestic violence charges.

At the Windmill Library event, Gary McClain, community manager for the Mountain’s Edge Master Association, thanked police officers for their service, which included going door to door in affected neighborhoods to discuss the events.

“These officers are taking the steps and going out and interacting with the residents to try to restore some normalcy,” McClain said.

For the rest of the evening, Arlene Rivera, ombudsman for the Nevada attorney general’s office, addressed the concerns of the audience, providing statistics and resources for victims and those wishing to help.

Rivera’s job includes oversight of the Nevada Council for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, the attorney general’s Domestic Violence Fatality Committee and the Committee of Domestic Violence.

“My division focuses on prevention and education,” Rivera said. “There’s a lot of work to do here. I’m not going to come here saying, ‘We’re doing all of it.’”

Nevada in 2014 had the third highest homicide rate for women killed by men in a single-victim, single-offender incident, after Alaska and Louisiana. Of the victims who knew their killers, 64 percent were wives, common-law wives, ex-wives or girlfriends.

“This is why we need to continue to work very hard to encourage people to have these conversations,” Rivera said. One in three women and one in four men are victims of domestic abuse, Rivera said. Domestic violence hotlines receive about 21,000 calls daily in the U.S., or about 15 calls every minute, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

There have been recent inroads made in the state Legislature: On June 8, Gov. Sandoval signed Senate Bill 124 into law, which bars people convicted of stalking or those under an extended protection order for domestic violence from possessing firearms.

Human trafficking in Nevada

Rivera also discussed human trafficking, including how the illegal industry has the potential to thrive in Las Vegas.

The Metropolitan Police Department has recovered more than 2,200 victims of sex trafficking since 1994, and it recovered 107 children victimized by human traffickers in 2016, according to the state attorney general’s website.

Out of the 34,000 reports received by the National Human Trafficking Hotline last year, 245 phone calls, 45 emails and 18 online tip reports came from Nevada. Nevada’s call volume was the 29th highest in the U.S. in 2016.

“The best resource we have is knowing that anyone can be a victim,” Rivera said. “A lot of victims unfortunately don’t see themselves … as victims of human trafficking.” Often these victims are able to identify as a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, she continued.

“This is why we’re having this conversation, because it’s all so interconnected,” Rivera said.

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