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I Like Horse Essay Contest

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2017 Winners: Andrew Hellendrung, New Ulm (pictured above) and Allyana Eblen, Belgrade

Sponsor: Jim and Penny Gute, Fairbault

Why I Want an Arabian Horse Essay Contest

Send us a 1 to 2-page typed essay on "What owning a arabian horse would mean to me" anytime before Sept. 5. You must be enrolled in 4-H before entering this contest.

Entry forms

Mail or e-mail your application, essay and consent and release of liability form to (you cannot enter both the Paint and Arabian contest in the same year):

Cathy and Jordon Giefer
318 W. Myrtle St
St. Peter, MN 56082
Email: cathygiefer@hickorytech.net
Phone: 507-766-7667


Win a Virginia Horse Farm Via Essay Contest … Again

It’s just 200 words and an entry fee away!

Did you miss out on last year’s opportunities to wordsmith your way to ownership of Rock Spring Farm or Big South Fork Lodge? Don’t worry, because there’s another chance to write a farm-winning essay, this time to acquire Newstead on the James of Cartersville, Virginia:

Newstead Manor at Newstead on the James. Photo provided by Carol Carper.

Newstead’s current owner, Carol Carper, is today a certified wedding and event planner who coordinates weddings on the beautifully-restored farm. She’s also a retired Morgan Horse breeder and an American Driving Society judge. While her herd of Morgans is reduced to just four at the moment, Carper has added a flock of Katahdin sheep.

The barn with its new residents, a flock of Katahdin sheep. Photo provided by Carol Carper.

All you need to do is a submit a 200-word essay telling Carper and a three-person panel of judges why you would like to own Newstead. There’s also an entry fee of $233, which allows Carper to recoup the estimated $1.5 million market value of the property, and award the winner $100,000 directly to help ease takeover as long as the predicted 7,000 entry level is met. While a $200-plus entry fee sounds steep, it’s pocket change compared to the cost of purchasing Newstead directly. A winner will be chosen on September 21, 2016.

Still not sure if Newstead is worth an entry fee and an essay? Take a look around and see for yourself.

Carper painted this mural herself. The 1905 Steinway O is not included with the property. Photo provided by Carol Carper.

The library, including on the left a watercolor of Carper’s matched pair of Morgan mares, Glick’s Night Wind and Glick’s June Twilight. Carper bred their dams, foaled, trained and presented them over two decades, forming the basis for her eventual four-in-hand. Photo provided by Carol Carper.

The East Paddock, where Carper’s Morgan mares and foals once roamed. Photo provided by Carol Carper.

Carper’s four Morgan horses still on the property (as well as the sheep and dogs) are not included as contest prizes, but are available for purchase if the winner so desires. Here is Carper’s Morgan stallion Zoey, “D-J Zoba”:

Photo provided by Carol Carper.

If your curiosity is piqued, head over to Newstead on the James’ website to download the official rules and entry form, as well as browse the farm’s history and FAQ page for more information. You can also “like” Newstead on the James on Facebook for updates.

We’re adding our own unofficial rule that if an HN reader happens to win, we all get to come visit. Go riding!

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